Stereotyped Closet

Lets face facts! We are all victims when it comes to stereotyping “people”majority of cases begin with how a person is visually represented. i.e. What we put on our back


Girl1: “wow, i just bought a pair of Ksubi jeans for $50, you have to check out this boutique, they’re sale is NUTS!

Girl 2: pause…..”Um, no, i HATE Ksubi”

Girl1: “Oh, why you hating on Ksubi?”

Girl2: “Because it’s ‘Ksubi’, and i don’t like the ‘type’ of people that wear Ksubi”

Girl1: “um…what type? (awkward silence)

Girl2: The type that think they are cool and sexy”

Now, this happened to me the other day, me being Girl1. Feeling annoyed that she would delete Ksubi out of her closet made me think about how people stereotype girls and boys, like you and me by what we wear. I looked in my closet and thought? Am i really a skinny chick that’s striving to be cool?”

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The Stereotyped Closet